Today’s competitive business world calls for facility managers to understand the core of the business and to contribute as per requirement of the organization to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and generate revenue and to improve the image of the business organization. Hitherto, the field of facility management was kept purely in-house. But in the recent times, quite a reversing trend is witnesses in the world. Businesses around the world now prefer to outsource their facility management division. Technological development, effectiveness and efficiency of the outsourcing firms have attracted all the businesses to consider it as the best possible option for them. Would you stay out of the race after considering the following facts!


Substantial reduction of operating costs

* No time investment 

While rendering yourself facilities management for your business, you are going to invest both time and money. It can be costlier for you. Apart from that, when operation overseas, it can be highly complex for you. If you are seeking the help of outsourcing route, you will not only be benefited in the current time but also it will help you in the long run.

* No money investment

For improving your systems, you may have to invest for your in-house systems. That is going to cost you a lot. When you outsource your facilities management, the outsourced firm takes care of its business by itself. Here also you are going to save a lot of money.


Flexibility of outsourcing

You are forced to keep your in-house facilities management section up to date to help your business. When you hire another firm for this purpose, the concerned firm needs to shape itself so that it can help your business. Apart from this flexibility, you have the complete liberty to choose the organization that meets the requirements of your organization. You can also prefer to maintain a short time relationship or a long time relationship with the current organization.


Ensured superior quality

You are going to hire an outsourcing firm which is the best in the concerned field. It is quite expected from a quality organization to deliver quality for you what it stands for. There may be exceptions, but quality is something what is maintained over a period of time.

When you outsource your no1 facilities management companies to an organization, the concerned organization is expected to make all the information accessible for you from any place. This improves the ease of accessibility of the entire information that you look for while being in the office or at home.


Focus will be purely meant for facilities management

While you are having your in-house facilities management, you may not be able to focus your section as you have other sections to zero in on. When another organization handles this section, the organization focuses on that section only. In this way, deep focus is put on the facilities management.


KPI performance monitoring

KPI performance monitoring is critical of the smooth functioning of your facilities management system. You can be able to keep a close tab on the targets and objectives of your facilities management system. At the same time you can update your boards through the organized system.


Lessons that you take from the above 

There are many other benefits like effective communication, clear expectation and measures of success when you go for outsourcing. These benefits certainly work like a boon for you organization watch the video below..

Basically, rubber roofing is used on flat roofs which require moisture protection against snow and rain because of its inability to drain naturally. In case you want to install a rubber roof, you can do so using materials that are available at hardware stores. However, it is always prudent to involve a professional roofer so as to meet all roofing warranty requirements and also ensure all local building standards are met. Before you start the installation process, ensure you have Push Broom, Roller, Rolls of Rubber Epdm Roofing and Special Rubber Roofing Adhesive.

Prep Work

Firs of all, you should be aware that this is not a very easy project. Before assembling rubber materials on the site, make sure the existing roof surface is carefully removed of any nails and pre-existing shingles and debris. Attach those roof boards that have loosened. Fill any gap that is bigger than a quarter an inch with wooden strips. This is because the rubber membrane can not cover gaps that exceed a quarter an inch without any possibility of failing.

Rolling Out the Rubber Membrane


From the bottom of the roof, start rolling out the rubber membrane from one side of the roof, along to the centre to the other side. Wait at least thirty minutes to lie there undisturbed. The next thing is to fold half of the membrane from the bottom over on the top half of the membrane. Using the broom, sweep the exposed roof deck and the roof rubber membrane.

Applying the Rubber Roofing Adhesive


By the use of the roller, apply the rubber roofing adhesive on both the deck of the roof and the rubber roofing membrane. Carefully, unfold the roof rubber membrane to its initial location. To get a stronger bond of the adhesive, use the stiff bristled broom to push down the rubber membrane against the deck. Repeat the same procedure on the other rubber roof membrane.

Attaching the Rubber Roof Membranes


Take the next rubber membrane and roll it out. Ensure that there is a six inch overlap on the portion beneath it. Such overlapping is very important when correcting adhesion between the layers and also allows water to flow naturally from the top of the roof to the all the way the edge. Just as you did with the first one, glue down the second portion and the same process continues until the entire roof is covered. However, you should be cautioned that you can only put this roof rubber membrane when you are sure that there are zero chances of rain for at least three days. This is because the rubber roofing adhesive has to take at least forty eight hours before it becomes fully waterproof.

These are the major steps that you have to follow when installing rubber roof membrane. As stated earlier, it is crucial that you involve a professional roofer to provide you with exact estimates of your roofing materials and labour. Once you have the correct roofing cost, you can decide the roofing be done the professional roofer to avoid any wastage and time consuming.

The most important part of ink is the colour. Printing ink consists of the color pigment and the vehicle that carries it, which is varnish. The process of making ink entails mixing these two components together until they become fit for printers.


The varnish has some viscous parts, while other parts are extremely thin. These two are put in a pot and under a mixer. They are heated up by the mixing action until they become thin enough; way thinner than they would be at room temperature. When the varnish is equally thin at all points, the color pigment is added in to the pot. The color pigment is usually in powder form hence combining it with the varnish is necessary in order to make it liquid. These two components are mixed until the color diffuses properly in to the varnish.


The second part entails grinding, which in real sense is dispersion. The dispersion process entails breaking the pigment in to fine particles. When the color powder is mixed with the varnish, some parts form lumps. This process uses two machines; a bead mill and a three-roller mill. The bead mill has several steel beads that break the colour particles away from the lump. However, this mill creates a rough end result. The three-roller mill is then used to create a smooth end product. This mill has three steel rollers that move in opposite directions. This movement pulls the rough particles apart to bring out the gloss and the rich color.


When the ink is smooth enough, it is taken through quality control tests. These tests are meant to ensure that the ink produced is the same through one batch to the next. The first test is a grind test. The ink is laid on a steel block and pressed. It should reveal a smooth line that shows all the color pigment was broken down perfectly. The second test is the bleach test. Some ink is added in to white opaque bleach and mixed to check the color strength. The bleach helps the computer check whether the color has been developed appropriately. Another test is done to ensure the ink is sticky enough for printing.


In the final process, the ink is put in a pot and some extra ingredients are added in to it. These include waxes which create rub resistance and dryers that enable the ink to turn in to a solid film when used during printing. The ink is then canned by a three-roller mill that takes out air and creates more gloss.


The final product is a glossy ink that has rub resistance, set speed and is sticky enough for printing and ink cartridges.


Close up photos are absolutely amazing since they give a viewer the perfect feel of an object. However, more often than not, close up photos tend to come out blurred and unappealing. These few tips will make it easier for people to take professional photos.


Macro focus

Buy a camera with a macro focus feature. Macro focus improves the appearance of close up photos. When shopping, test the camera and find out how close you can get to an object in order to take the perfect photo. Most modern digital cameras have this feature but it’s best to confirm it. It is often drawn as a flower on the camera.


The flash feature tends to make close up objects appear white. It prevents the details from coming out clearly. Natural lighting works best at close range hence the flash should be turned off at such times.

LCD screen

An LCD screen takes full photos even at close range. When taking a close up photo, shift from the view finder to the LCD screen. This might not seem important when taking the photo but the final result will portray the importance of this.



There are two sides to a blur, a good one and a bad one. A good blur blurs objects in the background but focuses on objects in the forefront. A bad blur blurs the main object. To take a picture without a blur, use a small aperture size. Use a tripod stand to help you focus on the object since any small movement on a small aperture creates a blur. For a good blur, focus on the forefront object and blur the background. This requires a large aperture in order to define the blur and the main object. The effect is amazing since it brings one object to focus and the rest is perfectly blurred.


Practice makes perfect. Before taking photos on your actual trip, practice with simple objects in your environment. Make as many mistakes as possible. With time, you will get a hang of how things work.

Taking close up photos is as easy as that.

There are many breathtaking sights scattered all over the planet, and it would take a lifetime to visit all of them. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the most amazing sights in the world, so your eyes can enjoy the beauty of this world.

Northern Lights, Scandinavia


This amazing astronomical phenomenon is best seen in winter from northern Scandinavia. However, there are never guarantees, which makes the magic moment when they do appear way more exciting. Probably the best place to watch this phenomenon is from the coastal waters of western Norway, whose coves are free of any artificial light.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


The ancient fortress and former palace of Sigiriya, also known as Lions Rock, is the area surrounded by an extensive network of water tanks and gardens. With some of the oldest gardens around the globe, this place was abandoned in 1155 and rediscovered in 1828. It also features huge paintings, covering the complete wall of the fortress.

Kunsthaus, Austria


If robots had a heart, then this is probably what it would look like. This stunning piece of art has been designed by British architects Colin Fournier and Peter Cook. By day it looks like a multi-faceted art gallery. On the other side, by night it looks like a spaceship.

Aogashima Island


A few hundred miles south of Tokyo, in the Philippine sea is located the Aogashima Island. Resembling the island from Jurassic Park, this volcanic creation is an excellent place to relax and unwind on a virtually deserted island. You can reach this island by either helicopter or boat.

Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand


A 1,600-square-mile area in New Zealand’s Mackenzie basin has been designated as the world’s fourth International Dark Sky Reserve. In other words, this place is one of the best stargazing places on the planet.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Curved forest

Poland has a very interesting forest. The forest is made up entirely of crooked pine trees. All the pine trees are actually crooked in the same way. The entire forest is made up of even 400 trees, all of them are crooked in the same way. Theories abound as to what caused the odd bends. One of theories says that tanks rolled over the trees during the war.

Lake Lucerne


Sight on the lake offers a romantic atmosphere and a unique landscape. This lake manages to capture all of this feeling in just one place.

Jungle pyramids, Mexico.


Mayan pyramids pervade the eastern side of the country. However, none are more breathtaking than the pyramids at Palenque in the far south. This site actually inspired several movies.

Taj Mahal, India


It is probably the most clichéd photo in the world, but tourists still gasp the moment they see one of the world’s most famous symbols of love. This place is best enjoyed at sunset, as there are not too many tourists around.

Lunar rainbow, Zambia


This rare natural phenomenon occurs only for three days around the full moon during high-water season in Zambia. The best rainbows tend to occur in July and August, and a great place to observe them is on the banks of the Zambezi river.





greece stairs

There’s the seven wonders of the world, then there’s Santorini, Greece. Yes, the place is too amazing to be placed hidden in a group. Santorini is an island at the south of Greece, the largest of the islands in that area. For today we’ll skip the chit-chat on its geographical history and zoom in on its tourist attraction sites that are favorable for you and your family.

The first noticeable feature about this beautiful place is the staircase arrangement of the buildings. They are literally built down in cascades, owing to the volcanic eruption that gave the island such terrain. The houses here are not so high, just a few two or three storeys with clean white wash and coloured roof tops. It makes the whole place look like a magical candy store of sorts. The most fascinating thing is that these houses were originally ancient cave houses, they’ve just been given a modern architectural touch. For tourists, be sure to the visit the numerous villages in Santorini, most especially Fira and Oia. From these two villages you’ll be sure to catch the most intriguing sunsets you’ll ever lay your eyes on. It’s purely magical.


Well, don’t just stand there enjoying the sunset, walk around! Visit the museums for a chance to learn about the archaeological history of this place. Take pictures if you may. Indulge in their cuisine that would make you want to forget about those extra calories. Take advantage of the poetry reading sessions that offer free wine and snacks and get a chance to taste their home-brewed wines at the wineries. Santorini also boasts of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Beaches with red and black sands, which is far off from the norm. Here you can soak in the sun for a while, a long while. Scuba diving is another fun activity do while at Santorini. The underwater is just as beautiful as the dry land.

Ever wondered how volcanic lava looks like? Well this could be your chance to find out by visiting the smoking islands of Nea and Palia. Here you’ll get the amazing experience of seeing lava flowing, the same volcanic lava that created the beautiful Santorini. There is a wide variety of excursions for adventurous people such as buses and boat excursions during the day. For those who can never pass up a chance of wild partying, the bars and night clubs will offer you a great opportunity for this. Better yet, have a chilled out night with soft music playing at the taverns on almost all beaches. Great idea for a romantic evening.

For the faithful, there are churches you can pay a visit to and meditate on your trip. The two most distinct churches are in Fira, Orthodox and Catholic. The architectural design of these churches is simply out of this world. Breath-taking and refreshing at the same time. Last but definitely not the least, Akrotiri. Akrotiri is an ancient island that was completely buried in ash and lava during the volcanic eruption of 1450BC. Its importance is still significant to this day.


The Solar system is one neighbourhood that excites children and adults alike. Believed to be about 4.6 billion years old, this fascinating establishment of a ‘main star’ with various objects orbiting around it appeals to the curiosity in most of us. Typically, the solar system that we know of consists of the ‘Sun’,- the brightest star, eight planets, some dwarf or small planets and a number of other astronomical bodies like asteroids, comets etc. These bodies are characteristically bound in the orbit of the Solar system. The Sun’s powerful ‘Gravitational force’ attracts everything to it.

It’s interesting to understand how planets have come to be where they are. Actually, on the one side, the Sun pulls planets inwards towards it while on the other, the planets are trying to fly away outwards into space due to their rapid movement. The inner and outward pulls causes them to become trapped in between and that’s how they develop their specific orbits.

The Birth Of The Solar System

Though there are diverse theories that compete with each other regarding the formation of the Solar neighbourhood, the seemingly dominating one hints at the collapse of a huge cloud of molecules that led to the birth of this enchanting world up there. Famous as ‘The Big Bang’, this cloud explosion, according to many space scientists must have been spectacular. The mass located at the very centre of this colossal cloud converged into the ‘Sun’ and what was left formed a flat dust- disk around it. This disk later transformed into planets and other bodies. The address of the Solar system would be, Galaxy : Milky Way, Outward Spiral.

The Planets

All of us have counted them on our fingers sometime or the other. The planets of the Solar system include four ‘Terrestrial planets’ and four ‘Outer planets’.

Terrestrial planets are : 1) Mercury 2) Venus 3) Earth and 4) Mars

They are located inside, close to the Sun and are relatively smaller in size. Primarily composed of materials like rock, metal etc , these planets have their own specific characteristics and appearance.

The Outer planets are : 5) Jupiter 6) Saturn 7) Uranus and 8) Neptune.

These are larger and are also referred to as ‘Gas giants’. They too differ in their appearance and nature.

Interesting Planet Facts

Every planet of the Solar system is an interesting package in itself. The word planet literally means ‘A wandering star’. No tour of the Solar system would be complete without exploring the interesting facts about each planet:

Mercury – Its location is closest to the sun which makes it extremely hot, yet the planet is believed to have traces of ice. If speculations are to be trusted, Mercury has craters at its poles where direct sunlight cannot reach. Here’s where ice may survive!

Venus – Strange, but even though Mercury is closest to the Sun, Venus is thought to be the hottest with surface temperature reaching about 465 degree Celsius. Its atmosphere is thick and manages to trap the Sun’s heat. One can imagine something similar to the ‘Greenhouse effect’.

Earth – This beautiful ‘Green and Blue’ planet is our home, always painting a pretty picture from outer space.

Mars – Both, writers and scientists have been captivated by this rather mysterious planet. The ‘possibility’ of life here has made many filmmakers choose Mars as the subject of their sci-fi movies. Odyssey, the NASA spacecraft first discovered ‘water-ice’ here and opened many avenues of research and speculation.

Jupiter – The planet is truly ‘massive’. Imagine Jupiter’s mass to be about 318 times in comparison to Earth and you may get some idea. The density, however is lower causing the gravitational pull here to be greater. Also, Jupiter has the fastest rate of rotation (speed) amongst the planets, a fact which caused it’s shape to become a little flattened at the ends.

Saturn – Observed by ‘Galileo’ for the very first time, Saturn is known for its ‘rings’. The rings are thin and are formed of countless tiny particles. Perhaps, Saturn’s magnetic field may be responsible for the rings that mesmerize us often.

Uranus – This is the coldest planet and also the only one that rotates on its sides. The temperature here can drop to an alarming -224 degree C, a statistic beyond imagination.

Neptune – This is a ‘windy’ planet with wind speeds reaching up to 2,100 km/hour. The incredible speeds are stronger than the strongest of hurricanes.

There is little doubt in the fact that the Solar System is unique and as amazing as it gets.

Crop Circles – A natural phenomenon or visitors from another planet?

Crop circles should be classed as one of the world’s great mysteries. Crop circles have been reported in fields around the world from as far back as the 1500’s when ancient farmers believed that a ‘mowing devil’ was responsible for the shapes being created literally overnight.

Crop circles and designs are created when some of the crop is tamped down to create an image, often the full potential of the image cannot be seen at land level , views from the sky always show the full glory of what can only be described as an amazing spectacle. These weird designs literally appear overnight.

No one genuinely knows how or where these images have been created from or who creates them, over the years there has been people who have actually created a hoax crop circle image using a plank of wood and string lines, but these have quickly been spotted as fakes by crop circle experts or Cereoligists as they are known. Cereoligists take their name from Ceres, the Roman god of agriculture and tend to believe that crop circles do not have an earthly explanation as they have been created by some type of Extra-terrestrial being or force.

The difference between the faked circles and the un-explainable ones is a strange burnt area where the plant, be it corn or wheat has actually bent or snapped, experts claim that only genuine circles and designs have these strange markings which added weight to their claims that some circles are genuinely un-explainable.


Whether or not you believe that this phenomena is man-made or something un-explainable it has certainly turned into big business, although these circles have been reported as far back as the 1500’s, in the early 1990’s crop circle designs became more and more prevalent, so much so that more than 500 were reported in Europe alone with some farmers cashing in and charging visitors to see them, turning these designs into something of a tourist attraction.

Skeptic or believer, it doesn’t really matter as one thing that everyone agrees on is how spectacular and detailed some of these designs are. We have selected a few of our favourites for you to see here, man-made or visitors from another planet….you decide.

Some of the best crop circle images….


Strange design…


Man made or alien? Brilliant design none the less….


Notice the eye in the middle of the pyramid, Illuminati perhaps….


Great detail and again the pyramid symbol is used…….


Call me a none believer but this one did get me thinking…it was spotted under water! A bit odd and made me think who, how and what!

The next few images are quite clearly man-made and not made by aliens….


Mmm, could this be a alien selfie??

Mike Skinner crop circle

Original Pirate material Your Listening to The Streets!… A good way to promote a band…


Needs no explanation really!…..


Maybe the aliens liked a bit of Elvis….

Its not just fields of corn and wheat that have been used to create this type of art, the images below are all made in the snow and again they are all truly man-made….

snow circles1


Simply amazing design….


This is almost 3D, amazing as well as brilliant.


The snow artist that could give any alien a run for his money when it comes to designs, hes also so tough he doesn’t need a coat……

I hope you enjoyed our little compilation of images of crop circles from around the world, there are many more great images out there so if you are interested have a look around, and keep an open mind because maybe…just maybe you could be witnessing art from another planet.


Amazing Weather Photo’s from around the World

One thing that has a massive effect on our daily lives is the weather. It’s so important in many ways, from the correct weather to produce crops to our actual psychological wellbeing the weather plays a part in our lives in ways we may not realise.

In some parts of Northern Europe and Scandinavia people often suffer from a condition called SAD which is Seasonal Annual Disorder, this is when the shorter daylight hours have a negative effect on the general feelings of some people, too many hours of darkness or dull weather can leave you feeling down, sad and even depressed in some cases. It’s quite the opposite from the countries that enjoy long hours of sunshine. To combat the lack of daylight ours many countries such as Sweden use white lights in homes and public buildings to simulate longer daylight hours. Research has shown that this is quite effective at combatting the effects of SAD in many people.

Regardless of where you are on the planet, whether it’s in a hot or cold place the weather can be man’s best friend or his worst enemy, as well as providing the correct conditions that allow us to grow bananas in Jamaica, grapes in France or potatoes in Russia it can also have very destructive powers too. If you have witnessed such a thing as a tornado in America or a Floods in the UK or similar natural disasters you will surely agree that it can be a force to be reckoned with that reminds that has human beings we are humble on this planet and are at the mercy of the weather in one way or another.

These days; with the power of social media giving us the ability to share what we see instantly around the world and the fact that most people carry a camera around on their phone we are lucky enough to see some dramatic images of how powerful, beautiful and downright scary the weather can be, below I have put together a few images of weather from around the world, hope you enjoy them…..



A dramatic thunderstorm is brewing in the skies of Montana USA….


Rain storm over London UK


Amazing cloud formation, you could understand our ancestors believing that the Gods were unhappy when the sky looked like this….


A recent Tsunami in Japan, the image shows a tidal swell that tosses cars around as if they are toys.No doubt a scary situation to be in…..


You might need more than your average ice scraper and de-icer to fix this little problem.This pic shows how a simple ice storm can have a huge effect….


A rare image of lightening and a twister touching earth at the same time..


An amazing thunderstorm unleashes its power!


The power of wind and the sea combine to create this big wave on the coast of England

There are many images that show the effects of weather on our planet, the above is just a few we have chosen. If you want to see more search extreme weather online and be amazed at some of the images people have captured.